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Live Wallpaper => Androgames | blog

I followed this tutorial to learn about live wallpapers and thought it deserved a thanks and a link because it was really good. Hats off to you Mr. Tonio from Androgames. Really great work! keep it up!. http://blog.androgames.net/58/android-live-wallpaper-tutorial/ For me, the next step is to play with this:   http://code.google.com/p/andenginelivewallpaperextension/ AndEngine and its live wallpaper

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NFC specs

This is a post from google groups. The post was so chock full of information that I just had to put it up here so I could digest it more slowly. The original thread is here: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/418c9b370f08a9f7 and here’s the post: I added a bit of formatting to it. Thanks to Michael Roland http://www.michael.x0.ath.cx/ for

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A simple java socket client

This is part two of my example of communicating between android and a pc over usb. This shows a simple java client based on this oracle tutorial and I use it to test communication between android and the PC. Here’s the code: package com.rga.vzw; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.PrintStream; import java.net.Socket; import

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fillBefore and fillAfter attributes don’t work for LayoutAnimations

When you create layoutAnimations and you set the fillBefore or fillAfter in the animation sets referenced by the layoutAnimation the xml attributes of dont work. You have to set them through code. //doesn’t work! You have to set through code: LayoutAnimationController layoutAnim = AnimationUtils .loadLayoutAnimation(this, R.anim.landingpage_right_anim_out); Animation anim = layouAnim.getAnimation(); anim.setFillEnabled(true); anim.setFillBefore(true); anim.setFillAfter(true);