Tips and tricks from an Android developer

Warning! EasyTether will break ADB

I recently tried to use EasyTether on my development machine with disastrous results! It didn’t really work well and when I went back to developing adb could not see my devices anymore! the adb devices command would display nothing! After a few hours of searching around I came across this stackoverflow post that helped me

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Game Programming Patterns – Object Pool

Improve performance and memory use by reusing objects from a fixed pool instead of allocating and freeing them individually. While this is a game programming concept, it’s very useful for things like particle systems. via Game Programming Patterns / Optimizing Patterns / Object Pool.

Oh, Apple! When Will You Learn? | xda-developers

In the most recent episode, Apple believes that Samsung’s Touchwiz UI is a direct copy of the UI present in the iPhone/iPod/iPad. This will likely be an interesting debate in a courtroom when Apple tries to demonstrate that they invented one of the following concepts: Clicking on an icon to open an app; Touchscreen; Icons;

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Live Wallpaper => Androgames | blog

I followed this tutorial to learn about live wallpapers and thought it deserved a thanks and a link because it was really good. Hats off to you Mr. Tonio from Androgames. Really great work! keep it up!. For me, the next step is to play with this: AndEngine and its live wallpaper

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NFC specs

This is a post from google groups. The post was so chock full of information that I just had to put it up here so I could digest it more slowly. The original thread is here: and here’s the post: I added a bit of formatting to it. Thanks to Michael Roland for

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Android bitmap memory management

On my current app I eventually ran into the dreaded out of memory errors. As my heart sunk I stripped out my animation code and went on a reading rampage to try and figure out not just what a memory leak is, but how to identify them in my code, how to fix them, and

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