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Android pedometer app – part 1

About me: Hi everyone, my name is Nelson Ramirez. I am a New York based Flash Developer currently learning android. I’ve fallen in love with android and I wanted to document my learning journey in the hopes that it will not only help me but also other people new to android. While I work in

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App inventor

Tonight I played with app inventor for android. At the same time i got my new droid X. Overall a good day. About app inventor: I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet. Setup was a breeze. The tool consists of two views: Fist is the app inventor. This is a browser based layout tool where you

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Playing with Rokon part 2

Playing around with more rokon examples. I love it! the touch handlers are super simple to use. Rokon will definitely be a great way for me to get used to android. I continue to be impressed with how easy everything is to get going. I can say that with android in general. I don’t feel

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Playing with Rokon

Ok so rokon looks pretty cool. Played with it a bit more and I’m really liking how it’s structured. The whole inheritance chain is very reminiscent of DisplayObject. I like. Animating is super simple, and slowly but surely , i am discovering the capabilities. Good stuff! I’m almost done with the tutorials.