Testdroid – a great test solution for Testing Automation in Android

Because of fragmentation in Android it is very important to test you apps in as many devices as you can get your hands on. You’ve heard it all before right?

So have I. Testing mobile apps still remains quite a daunting task. For larger projects such as the one I’m currently working on Test Automation becomes a necessity very quickly. It is simply too time consuming, error prone and difficult to test manually. So what can you do? What tools are available to help you automate UI testing?

Luckily, Android comes to the rescue. Android’s testing framework is top notch and easy to work with. They make life worth living.

Android’s testing toolset is based on JUnit and is very well integrated for android projects into Eclipse. Android instrumentation provides a way to hook into android components and load applications.

The testing framework also provides a way to create Mock objects to help you isolate parts of your application for specific tests.

You also get the monkeyrunner tool, a python framework for executing android apps.

All in all you get a very powerful set of tools that can enable you to produce detailed and efficient testing solutions.

But wait! there’s more! Since of course this framework is so great, there are developers building great testing solutions based on these tools. One that i’m starting to dig into is robotium. Robotium is a test framework  aimed at test case developers to write function, system and acceptance tests scenarios for apps.

Adding yet more value to this are companies like bitbar who provide a plugin for Eclipse called testdroid which makes recording a UI test of your app, child’s play. Very cool and worth checking out!

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