More on testing automation in Android

Test automation has been a particularly interesting topic for me in the past few weeks. I wanted to share some of the info I’ve gathered hoping that it will be useful to someone else. In my previous post I talked about Testdroid which makes use of robotium and also can make MonkeyRunner tests The plugin provided by Testdroid is essentially a way to record and script UI events.
It will generate test cases for you where you can then go in and add assertions. It’s pretty neat.

Now i’d like to talk a little bit about Robolectric. Robolectric is created and maintained by folks at Pivotal labs. Robolectric runs within your VM which makes it very cool.
This means you don’t need the emulator to run tests. That’s pretty cool! I definitely recommend giving this a try. I’m going to deep dive into Robolectric to use on my current personal project.
I’ll post some of those results later.

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