App inventor

Tonight I played with app inventor for android.
At the same time i got my new droid X.
Overall a good day.

About app inventor:
I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet.
Setup was a breeze.
The tool consists of two views: Fist is the app inventor. This is a browser based layout tool where you set up your UI and pick the visual and non-visual components.

The second part is the “block editor” where you do all of your wiring and make things work.

accelerometer block editor


Overall it’s pretty easy to get started and to understand. I can’t wait to see the creative things people come up with.

I decided to play with the accelerometer.

I was able to pretty easily and intuitively set up a view that displayed the different accelerometer properties in real time. I also added logic to count steps.

It was super easy to do. the packaged apk file is available for download here.

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